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  • the solution of multiple cards counting and packing

  • the solution of card packing

  • the solution of toys packing

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    How to pick the right score card machine manufacturers?


    The score card machine is widely used as a packaging auxiliary equipment, the choice of the score card machine when the ...

  • Q

    What are the advantages of the score card machine?


    Compared with the traditional card industry, printing industry, they point at the time the product is the use of artific...

  • Q

    What is the score card machine?


    In our machinery industry, the score card machines, also known as card issuing machine, counting machine, paging machine...


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    Ming Fai International Holdings Ltd.is an international enterprise dedicated to provide customers wi...

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    Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical Co., Limited is specialized in research and production of Traditional C...

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    ZheJiang WanShengda Industry Co.,ltd.established in July 1986, and now we have grown into China Spo...

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    Russian agents, we have been looking for automatic score card machines, in Baidu, Sogou, Google to f...


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Dongguan Chanfer Packaging Services Co.,Ltd, is engaged in packaging machinery, automatic card machines, point paging machiner...【Details】

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